Public Organizations

In 1996, four organizations: Allegany County, Allegany County Public Schools, Allegany County Library System, and the City of Cumberland, buy propecia pooled grant monies and donated resources totaling $4.3 million to form the ALLCONET, or Allegany County Network, partnership. Currently, that partnership provides Internet and Intranet connectivity and related services to over 40 government entities and non-profit organizations.

As an ALLCONET Associate Member or Subscriber, you are enjoying the benefits of that unique partnership. Did you know?

  • The state of the art, innovative, wireless ALLCONET network connects over 160 buildings to high-speed network and Internet resources?
  • That almost 10,000 computers or networked devices rely on the ALLCONET network for connectivity?
  • The ALLCONET email server processes an average 23,000 emails each day, peaking at 4,000 each hour?
  • The ALLCONET SPAM appliances filter out over 300,000 unwanted junk emails each day?
  • The ALLCONET web servers support millions of visitors each year?

An ALLCONET membership costs pennies on the dollar compared to other broadband solutions in the area. To obtain a basic 3MB connection from an area Internet Service Provider, an organization would pay $83.95 monthly for the first building connection; $73.95 monthly if more than one building connection. So, an organization with two sites would pay $147.90 monthly or $1774.80 annually. An organization with eight sites would pay over $7,000 annually. Compare these costs to the current annual ALLCONET Associate Membership fee: $500, with a $50 fee for each additional building.

Did you also know that ALLCONET has no dedicated staff? All activities, from installations to support and everything in between, are handled by technical staff from the partner organizations.

Because ALLCONET support is provided on a "volunteer" basis, it is extremely critical to use the ALLCONET support phone number, 301.759.2407, if you are experiencing a site wide failure that could be ALLCONET-related. Please confirm that all computers connected to ALLCONET are affected prior to calling. The line is answered by an answering service, and your voice message is forwarded to technicians at the ALLCONET partner organizations.

ALLCONET works because we all work together. Thank you for your assistance as we continue our successful partnership.